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PHYS 152- Fall 2007


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Physics of Sound and Music

PHYS 152

Fall, 2007

Dean Livelybrooks
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Labs, Projects and Exams

PDF file of Lab 1

PDF file of Fourier Analysis Project

PDF file of In-class Assignment for week 6/7

PDF file of In-class Assignment (6) for week 7/8

PDF file for Project 3-- Mystery Instrument Analysis


Lecture 1- Introductions, simple harmonic motion

Lecture 2- Waves and sound

Lecture 3- more Waves and sound

Lecture 4- Standing waves and overtone series

Lecture 5- Standing waves, overtone series; synthesis and analysis of sounds

Lecture 6- Standing waves, overtone series; synthesis and analysis of sounds.

Lecture 7- Standing waves in pipes; synthesis and analysis of waves/sounds.

Lecture 8- Digital Recording and Reproduction of Sounds, Review, and Term Project

Lecture 9- Human Hearing and Voice

Lecture 10- Human Voice and Musical Temperament & Pitch

Lecture 11- Musical Temperament & Pitch and Woodwind Instruments

Lecture 12- Woodwind and Brass Instruments

Lecture 13- Brass and String Instruments

Lecture 14- String Instruments

Lecture 15-- Special Effects

Lecture 16-- The Piano

Lecture 17-- Percussion and Final Exam Review

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