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Special Notes:
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  • Summary of extra credit assignments can be found here.
  • FIND YOUR GRADED FINAL EXAM and other materials in Box 4, at the bottom of the stairs (basement) in Willamette Hall. Go down the stairs outside the lower entrance to Rm 100 (where our class was). Box 4 is next to the fire extinguisher.


The Final Exam Is Tuesday, December 7 at 13:00 (1 PM)

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Exams and Homework

Homework 1- Assigned, Thurs, 30-September, due Tuesday, 5-October in class.

Homework 2- Assigned, Thurs, 14-October, due Thursday, 21-October in class.

Quiz 1 key can be found here.

Homework 3 assigned Tuesday, 2-November, due Thursday, 11-Nov.

Quiz 2 key can be found here.

Quiz 3 key can be found here.

Homework 4- Assigned, Tuesday, 23-November, due Thursday, 2-December.


Lecture 1- Introductions, course questionaire, and an introduction to motion.

Lecture 2- More motion- acceleration, force and mass. Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILD). Application: the ubiquitous automobile.

Lecture 3- Gravity, work, and energy. Application: hydroelectricity.

Lecture 4- Well, it actually was a lab, Lab 1. If you missed it, see the instructor ASAP.

Lecture 5- Problem-solving examples, Quiz 1, introduction to electricity.

Lecture 6- More electricity fundamentals-- current, circuits, resistance and Ohm's law.

Lecture 7- Resistance, Ohm's law, power, magnets, motors and electrical generators.

Lecture 8- Magnetic and electric fields, waves, electromagnetic radiation, the solar collector.

Lecture 9- Lab Day!

Lecture 10- Quiz 2 on electricity, magnetism and waves. The Science of Spectra. Intro to Heat and Temperature.

Lecture 11- Review of black body radiation, heat, temperature, work on gases, First Law of Thermodynamics.

Lecture 12- Adiabatic compression, absolute zero, First Law of Thermodynamics, heat transfer, Heat Capacity, Heat Engines and Efficiency.

Lecture 13- Heat transfer, energy conservation in the home, specific heat, heat engines and efficiency.

Lecture 14- Heat heat redux, climate and weather, the hydrological cycle.

Lecture 15- Quiz on Heat and Temperature, Climate and Weather and the Hydrological Cycle, feedback loops in nature, combustion and fuels.

Lecture 16- Exponential Growth and its Implications.

Lecture 17- Energy Use Patterns and Fossil Fuels in the Mix.

Lecture 18- Atoms and Chemistry.

Lecture 19- Global Warming Redux 

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